Aikatsu! Challenge wk 15

Normally I write these intros before I start the five episodes, but I didn’t do that this week. I kind of forgot and ended up doing this after I finished everything. All I can say is that I enjoyed these batch of episodes, especially the last one.

I wish I could write more, but I’m worried that I might start spoiling things. So with that out of the way, Enjoy episodes

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Defending the Yokai – Case #3 Tantanbo and friends

Welcome to another edition of Defending the Yokai, where I, Fueled by Smiling, try to make a case for the yokai(s) of the week in Gegege no Kitaro. To put it more plainly, I pretty much victim blame the humans in an effort to view the yokai in a better light.

So let’s get started, shall we 🙂

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Nine Helpful Quotes From A Very Helpful NPC

I’m copying Chloe from the Spooky Redhead here, but after seeing this NPC I couldn’t help myself. She’s just so helpful that I had to make this post.

All of these quotes are said to our MC, LLENN.

1. NPC: “Glad you could make it maggot!”
LLENN: “Maggot?!?”
NPC: “If you’re not a maggot, then your parents spawned a dung beetle.”

2. “Listen up dung beetle, this world is overrun with grotesque monsters, out of control machines and homicidal players. Starting now, I’m going to beat into you the skills you need to live in this harsh environment.”

3. “You will answer with, ‘Yes, ma’am!’”

4. NPC: “Why did you come here, dung beetle?”
LLENN: “To become a cute girl.”
NPC: “To survive!”

5. “You’re pretty sharp for a dung beetle.”

6. “Wonderful! Of all the dung beetles in the dung heap, you’re at the bottom. Let me make a prediction, once you get out of there, you’ll die within five seconds.”

7. “Excellent, dung beetle. Never pick up a sniper rifle again.”

8. “Looks like even a dung beetle has a redeeming quality.”

9. “There’s no point in trying to talk to them. Exchange bullets instead of words.

Sparkling Smile Sunday 16

Four weeks away till we reach the big 2-0. It’s also four weeks (and couple of days, give or take) till Ramadan starts! I’m stoked for it. I’m planning on doing something with the blog during that month, but I’m not entirely sure what I should do. I still have a month to plan it, so we’ll see what happens. I might not even do anything hahaha

Enough about that, let’s get to the smiles.
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Food Porn: Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

When I first created my blog, I set up a bunch of categories that I was planning to eventually use. Things like ‘Drive-by Movie” which would be used to talk about movies. Or ‘Cartoon Rewind’ where I’d talk about cartoons like Gravity Falls. (What a great show that was!)

One category that I created was Food Porn and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been used yet as much as I would have liked. I have a soft spot for food animes and seeing the different types of edible delights just makes my stomach growl in hunger. That’s why I’m slightly confused by the lack of food on this blog. Well, this seems like a good time to use it so….


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Characters from…..Golden Kamuy

“Sometimes my appearance frightens people, because I look so different, but I assure you, I’m a gentleman through and through. My mother always taught me say smile and greet people with your head held up high and to wash up before every meal. When I was younger, I would do as she said, but everyone would run away. It always made me feel bad when I’d come back home, but my mother would tell me that those that run are just ignorant and you shouldn’t feel down because of them.

My mother is long gone, but I still follow her rules to this day. Therefore, when I discovered my food was missing after a long day of hunting, I wanted justice. Thievery when it’s this cold isn’t something a good person would do. However, I am not one to judge. When I discovered the culprit, I simply came over and politely asked them to return my wild game.

Unfortunately, they took it the wrong way and resulted in punching me when they saw me. My mother always taught me that when someone punches you, it’s an invitation for you to eat them. I tried to be patient, but scoundrels will always resort to violence. I have noticed that it does seem to happen to me quite often. This darn body and voice of mine just scares the piss out of everyone, which really spoils a meal.

I don’t know if this is what people call being self-conscious, but I sometimes wonder if there’s something wrong with how I look. If I looked normal, do you think people would let me eat them and not put up a fight?”

(Hokkaido Region, Japan)

It’s a Lovely Mysterious Liebster Day, a Mysteriously Lovely Liebster Day – This took awhile, this took awhile…

I’m such a bad blogger when it comes to these, but I’m going to try and be better. It’s weird, but I love doing this and seeing other bloggers take part, but on the other hand I get such anxiety because I’m a horrible procrastinator.

It’s time for a change!

Speaking of which, to help you understand my level of procrastination. I set up this post and had all the questions lined up and ready to go. I’m about to answer them, when I start thinking about Spider Monkeys.

So I look up some videos on YouTube and discover that Spider Monkeys are even cooler than I thought. Wouldn’t be lovely to have a prehensile tail? You could swing…on buildings with it?

*cough* Spider Monkeys…they’re amazing creatures, but even they are not going to stop me from answering the following questions! Which I’ll do after I make a chocolate mug cake.

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Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù – Don’t mess with our cockpits!

I should probably just come out and say it, but I’m in love with Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu. I love Subaru. I love how relatable this weird show is. And I love that the intro for this short anime is only 30 seconds long. (The last part might seem like a weird thing, but one of my pet peeves is when short animes have the normal 1:30min of intro and extro. 30 seconds for 7mins is perfectly reasonable.)

Like before, the two segments in Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu were super relatable.

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Aikatsu! Challenge wk 14

It’s another week of Aikatsu and it’s taken me awhile to actually settle down and work on this week. I’m not entirely sure why, but maybe it’s because last week was a bit frustrating on a story level so I was nervous that this week would be more of the same.

That’s why I’m going to try to let things go and just accept that Dream Academy makes no sense in terms of rivalry. The show is about friendship and competition, but it’s done in a nice lighthearted way. So from this point forward I’m not going to talk about that anymore.

It’s a brand new leaf I’m taking and I hope it sticks. And with that, here are episodes 66-70.

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Magical First Impressions

Welcome narinyapon~

There seems to be quite the number of shows this season involving Magical Girls and Boys. I have a huge soft spot for this genre and will generally watch any that I come across. Whether it’s dark or lighthearted or depressing or funny, I’ll probably watch it because I’m easy like that.

Initially, I was going to just do a bunch of first impressions for the shows, but then thought why not do them all together. Plus it saves time and energy, which is the cornerstone of how every lazy blogger does things. However, I am trying to change, which is why I spent some time creating a magical character. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s something.

Today I’ll be sharing my very magical first impressions on Mahou Shoujo Ore, Mahou Shoujo Site, Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS, Hinamatsuri, Cutie Honey Universe, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online and Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu HAPPY KISS.

Let’s get started narinyapon~

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