Chapter 4-8 – The Clean Up part 1

Ramadan is all about self-discipline and improvement, so for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be following the lessons and tips taught in Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up. And hopefully, I’ll be able to not only change the visual look of my home, but spark some joy in a new passion.

Ramadan is officially over, as of June 15, but I’ve still been following the ways of The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up. After all of the prep that we did, it’s now time to clean up and I felt like I couldn’t really comment on this until I finished tidying up.

Before we get to my experiences, let’s learn more about how to clean. From chapters 4 to 8, the manga focuses on tidying up certain areas in your life. The first one, aka Chapter 4, is all about clothing. KonMari suggests doing this one first, since it’s the easiest one to complete. Clothing, for me, isn’t something I have a lot of since I do a seasonal or yearly purge of what I have every so often. Plus, I don’t actually buy a lot of clothes. I like to keep things simple in that regards.

So how do you tidy up your closet and drawers that house your clothes? You take everything out and make a pile in whatever room you’d like. In the manga, Chiaki does this and KonMari then drops a bombshell. If you find something later on that isn’t in your pile, then you should discard them out. Chiaki, like most, immediately looks for the rest of their clothing. KonMari isn’t doing this to be malicious, but to help you be serious about this moment

As for the pile, the reason for it is that it’s easier to clean if everything is together. If you clean your closet and then your drawers, but find something that is meant to be in your closet, then you’ll never actually end up finishing what you’re trying to clean.

As we learned before, the goal here is to keep what brings you joy and discard what doesn’t. Again, be practical when it comes here. Don’t throw out your winter jacket during winter just because it doesn’t spark joy. That’s just crazy. Also, don’t throw out everything, because then you won’t be able to leave the house and you’ll end up looking like Blue Snow.

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Aikatsu! Challenge wk 24 ~ update

Hello everyone,

Just a quick Aikatsu update. Starting this week, I’ll be covering Aikatsu on a monthly basis instead of weekly. The reason for that is due to real life and time constraints. Since Aikatsu is currently following Akari, it seemed like a good time to make the switch as it’s been slightly repetitive lately.

Thank you for understanding.

Quick update~

Howdy y’all!

Yesterday marked the last day of Ramadan. 😦 I’m really going to miss it, especially since this year felt like it just flew by. Since Ramadan was ending, I’ve spent the last couple of days focusing more on the spiritual aspect of the month.

But now, it’s time to party! Fasting is over! Eid ul-Fitr (our religious holiday that comes after Ramadan) is today and I plan on stuffing my face with junk food. I’ve been craving some ice cream, so I think I’ll be visiting my local Loblaws and getting some. The day is still young!

Before that, I just wanted to wish everyone an Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid in Arabic) and I hope you guys have a wonderful day and take some time to check out the World Cup. And get some ice cream. The last part might be the most important thing you need to do today.

Speaking of ice cream, what’s your favourite?

More important, what is your favourite snack? Fasting is over (not really) so go out and enjoy your favourite snack, in moderation of course. I don’t want you to go on a fender bender to the point of diabetes or death. But just below that is fine. what am I even saying?

Actually, it might be safer to just name your favourite snack or your favourite anime food. Mine is the assortment of goods from Shirokuma Cafe, an anime that I have yet to finish and I really should get back to.

Eating an ice cream with your face would be lovely, especially if it’s like a brownie or chocolate fudge flavoured one. (Chocolate because I like the flavour and not because I’m black….)

Eid Anime Food Tag

  • share your favourite snack and favourite anime food

Let me tag,

ps. I apologize for being MIA for a bit. I’ll be spending today and the weekend going through all of the blogs that I’ve missed.

I also need to catch up on E3 and the anine shows I’m behind on lol. But also ice cream. I need to get me some ice cream!

Aikatsu! Challenge wk 23

With Juri joining the main three girls of this season, I’m excited to see who we get next. One thing that I like about Aikatsu is how each girl has a unique personality. Each person feels different and that’s sometimes hard t o do when you have such a large cast of characters. That’s not to say that there are not similarities between the girls, but I do like that each girl feels different from the last one. Otome and Ichigo have very similar bubbly personalities, but they’re also completely different as well. Kii and Aoi are similar with their idol knowledge, but they’re nothing alike.

Kudos to the writers for making this possible. I’m excited to see who joins the cast next.

Episodes 106-110 of Aikatsu is coming up now!

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The Salty Anime Challenge: Day 23 – This is the end

Day 23

It seems like it was just yesterday that I created this anime challenge.

Despite this challenge being salty and about shows that I have issues with, I felt like this helped reawaken my love of anime. Not that it was ever gone, but it made me excited to watch something that I may or may not like. One of my favourite things about this challenge was the many bloggers who shared their answers, either in the comments or on their own blogs, because it exposed me to more anime. It sounds a bit surprising, but I’ve added quite a few animes on my PTW list through this challenge.

This might sound weird, but my biggest take away from this challenge is that I need to take more time to actually watch anime and not just the newer stuff. Every season I want to watch everything I can, but that just means that I put other shows in the back burner when I should try to finish them first before starting something new. I use to only watch a couple of new shows a season, but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t have time to watch something in my backlog, because I’m trying to watch everything that’s available for me.

My declaration is that I’m going to start watching older stuff more frequently and not just stick to the newer shows. I may not blog or review it, but I do want to take some time and watch them. Now whether I actually try to follow this advice or not is another matter. The summer season is almost upon us and there are a number of shows that look like they’ll be fun. Plus, I need to get back into the shows I’ve missed since Ramadan.


So much anime, so little time.

I’m still a pretty crappy writer and a fairly lazy blogger, but I do love how this challenge pushed me to blog every day. Since this blog’s inception, way back in October, that’s never happened. It almost makes me want to continue this trend, but unless I do another anime challenge (why haven’t I don’t a proper one yet?), I don’t think that will happen. I do want to write random posts about anime though, like lists, random musings or cartoons! Sometimes I feel like I have to only write on a certain subject matter or an episode review or whatever. But the truth of the matter is that I don’t.

The wonderful thing about blogs is that you can write about whatever you want, within reason. Maybe I won’t blog about something every day, but I do feel inspired for what’s to come.

Since this is the Salty Anime Challenge, I feel like I should end this post with one more bit of salt. Going by the last two answers, I should include an unpopular opinion like how Asta’s voice is actually kind of awesome and his yelling fits his character and that Black Clover is actually a good show, but I feel like that’s not enough for a grand finale. Plus I’ve already made a post about that.

So I’m going to pass the question to you guys. What is a salty question that you have for me that wasn’t included in this challenge? Let me know in the comments down below.

And if you’re up to taking the Salty Anime Challenge on your own blog, let me know too so I can follow you on your salty journey.

Thank you for everyone who commented and shared their answers!

Till next time 😀


Chapter 3.2 – Joy to the World, the home is tidy!

Ramadan is all about self-discipline and improvement, so for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be following the lessons and tips taught in Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up. And hopefully, I’ll be able to not only change the visual look of my home, but spark some joy in a new passion.

I know it seems like I’ve been slacking with regards to this segment, but I haven’t….maybe in the blogging world, yes, but in the real world I’ve been following the steps shared in the book and I’ve noticed a big improvement. Even though I’ve been cleaning up a storm, we’re not quite there yet in the book. Why? Because we have to learn the most important rule when it comes to cleaning.


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Day 22: An anime that everyone hates and/or has a low score, but you love

Day 22: An anime that everyone hates and/or has a low score, but you love

Some unpopular opinions coming your way!

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Solace Soul Spotlight on Sunday part quatorze

Welcome to part four of my Solace Soul Spotlight. (For my French readers, I know it is says fourteen above. I’m just following U2’s lead here)

For this segment, I pick a smile that was featured in my Sparkling Smile Sunday series, and recommend an anime based off of it. The reason for this is because it’s Ramadan and I’m not watching anything at the moment. However, I can recommend an anime.

Today’s featured smile is……

Hoshikawa Mafuyu from Blend-S

Technically, Maika would be a better person to use for this week but surprisingly she’s never been featured here, so I’m picking Mafuyu instead since she showed up in Sparkling Smile Sunday numero 6.

The girls (and guy) in Blend-S work at a cafe where they are meant to embody a certain type of character for their customers; they have an idol type, a tsundere, a cold and sadistic person, and Mafuyu who plays a loving loli even though her real personality is completely different. Despite her small size, Mafuyu is mature, level headed and a helpful older sister type to her fellow co-workers. She does have a bit of a cold personality, but you can also tell that she has a lot of heart in her as well.

The anime that this smile reminded me of is

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Day 21: An anime that you thought you’d hate (due to genre/tropes), but actually love

Day 21: An anime that you thought you’d hate (due to genre/tropes), but actually love

If you’ve been on this salty journey with me from the beginning, then you’d know that when it comes to genres, I tend to stay away from ecchi and mecha animes. For tropes, I don’t like a lot of the fanservice that we see, like overly jiggly breasts and awkward sexual harassment issues.

That’s why it’s surprising that I quite liked the following three animes. (Don’t judge me)

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Day 20: What is an anime argument that you absolutely hate hearing?

Day 20: What is an anime argument that you absolutely hate hearing?

This question was actually inspired by Lethargic Ramblings. If you’ve ever visited his blog or his twitter account, then you’d know that he dislikes certain anime arguments that always seem to pop up. So thank you for that!

The anime argument that I absolutely hate hearing is: “Animes are not cartoons.”

I honestly don’t understand this argument, because animes are 100% cartoons. Anime is short for animation and all cartoons are a form of animation. Even Blend-S acknowledges this in one of their episodes.

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