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Ousama Game: Everything is Nobuaki’s fault

Now that we’ve seen most of what happened in Nobuaki’s first round in the Ousama Game, we’re finally able to see what’s going on in class two.

I had high hopes, only because in the beginning of the episode Nobuaki says that Mizuki should send her “Die” command to Haruka and Natsuko. Haruka is going to die anyways, since she won’t be able to fulfill her command from the King. And Natsuko is a liability who will probably try to kill a lot of people in order to survive. It’s been awhile, but he’s actually being smart here.

But this is the Ousama Game and intelligence dies just as quickly as the filler classmates who we never saw. In the end, Kenta and Mizuki dies and while it may seem like it’s all Kenta’s fault. It’s not. It’s actually all Nobuaki.

Let me explain:

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Random Rambles

Evil or Live – Hibiki Take’s His Love a Bit Too Far

Are you guys still watching Evil or Live? Well, if you’re not then let me tell you that nothing much as happened yet. Hibiki starts trying to take over the school, Shin laughs in the background, and Shiori just yells a lot and tries to fight people. People on this show really need to listen more instead of using their fists. So much of the what happened was due to reactionary actions instead of being smart and/or logical. I get that their school setting doesn’t really encourage that, but if the students joined forces then they could rule the school.

However, I don’t want to talk about that. There’s something far more interesting. In episode six, Hibiki decides to plan out his attack on another class leader. He can’t use the same method that he did before, so he focuses on beating himself up and getting Headmaster Shian involved in the end. It’s works, but can anyone explain why Hibiki decided to pour ketchup here:

I get pouring it on your face and body, since you attacked those areas. But why would you squirt a bunch of red stuff on your crotch?

That’s when I realized why he did this. You see, Hibiki is still suffering from his last few encounters with Shiori. He clearly loves and admires her, but she throws up whenever she gets near him. And if she doesn’t make a colourful mess, she’ll beat him up. (She’s not really smart)

Due to the trauma that he’s faced, he decided that in order to understand Shiori he needs to connect with her in an intimate level. He can’t do this when he’s alone, there’s no privacy in this reform school, or in his dorm, because there’s a lot of guys there. But when he’s executing a plan, then who will judge or question this behaviour?

No one, that’s who.

So Hibiki, through the power of ketchup, can kind of feel how he thinks a girl may feel if they leak. If that’s not enough, he even wore underwear to match.

Does it work? I mean…Shiori still hates him and he really should move on at this point. She’s the type to not think and think she can force anyone to do her bidding, only she fails all the time. You’d think she’d learn, but she doesn’t which is why she keeps making mistake after mistake after mistake.

And yet Hibiki still loves her, which is why he had to do all this to connect with her. He also tries to defend her when Shin shows up, which is stupid since Shin clearly rules the school and cooperating with him in a peaceful way would guarantee you anything you’d want from this place.

But no one really uses their noggin’ on this show, which is precisely the reason why Hibiki had to use ketchup in order to simulate period blood.

Random Rambles

Black Clover: Rival + Goal + Nakama + (x) = Shounen show

Asta found his place with the Black Bulls, a group of misfits who welcome him in even though he has no magic ability. They’re a great group and I like the dynamic between Asta and Magma.

The first half of the episode was spent touring the Black Bull dorms and it was actually pretty fun. I even found myself smiling as the two were running down the hall after catching their captain on the toilet. I know this show gets ragged on a lot, but I find that the more I watch it the more I like it and the more I enjoy Asta’s voice.

But the show was clearly missing something to make it a proper shounen. Asta has a Rival, aka Yuno. Asta has a clear Goal, which is to be the Wizard King and has people outside of his family who support him, aka his Nakama in the Black Bulls. But there’s something missing.

A Tsundere. But the wait is now over, since our resident tsundere finally makes her proper appearance in Black Clover.
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Random Rambles

Mahoutsukai no Yome: Titania’s Breasts Really Are The Best

I got around to watching the latest episode of Mahoutsukai no Yome and it was there that we got to meet Titania, aka the Faerie Queen. She comes riding a horse, with an awesome OST playing in the background and a golem-like creature announcing her arrival. But the part that made my jaw drop was her breasts. The only word I could describe it was mesmerizing.

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Smile of the Week

Smile of the Week 2

Week 2 wooo!

There were a lot of great smiles this week and this post has been revised multiple times in reflection of that. It started with one smile, but soon turned into three because why not?

Number 3:
Ishii from Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

“Maybe she’s getting along with it now. With the feeling of hopelessness.”

Is this a happy smile? Not exactly, it’s one that came after Ishii’s plane collapsed after it was doing so well. So why include it? Mainly because Ishii looks at peace, not only with her hopelessness but with airplane goal as well. She tried, she failed, and now she’s free to glide around until she reaches the bottom of the city. Sometimes failures can be a cleansing experience and I Ishii feels that way here.

Number 2:
Kukuri from Mahoujin Guruguru

Kukuri is always smiling and cute, but the reason I chose her this week was mainly for this face.

The look of pure bliss when eating chocolate is a beautiful one. Plus, when I watched this I just had chocolate so…it kind of worked out for all of us. Chocolate brings all the smiles to the yard and I’m like, gimme gimme more.

By the way, I just discovered Lindor’s Gingerbread flavoured truffles. I haven’t tried them yet, but I will. And when I do, I’ll probably have the same look on my face.

That face was great, but Kukuri also showed a few more when thinking about babies.

Chocolate and babies. At this time I only want one of these and it’s the one that can fit in my bag without it being a human right’s violation.

Fun fact, this show was the reason why I decided to make this blog….and yet this is the first time I’ve talked about it. Strange how that happens.

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Food Porn

Kino no Tabi – Coriander is poisonous…kind of, but not really

In the latest episode of Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World and some horrible people got their just deserts after ingesting the poisonous plant pictured above. Since I’m a horrible person, I cheered because those people were just the worst. The world is better off without them.

I could say more, but I won’t. Instead, I wanted to talk about this mountain growing plant. At first glance it looks like any herb you might find in a shop and maybe it’s fragrant enough to make you want to use it. But when I first saw this the only thing I thought of was. “Hmmm, this reminds me of coriander/cilantro.”

After everyone died from it, I realized that it is indeed coriander because that stuff is just the worst.

Now that I looked up how coriander looks like, maybe it doesn’t exactly the same. It’s not even close, but the end result seem to be similar. I mean, I’ve had coriander multiple times (my mom loves the stuff) and I haven’t died yet. But I felt like I did. I feel like that counts for something.


Life Lessons

Steven Universe: Hello and Goodbye

It’s been a long time, months even, since you’ve last seen them. You play it cool and act like you’ve been busy living your life, even though you’ve been desperate to know what has happened since the last time you saw them. Half a year ago……So you talk, for an hour-ish and everything is good. Not everything, some bad stuff took place, people got hurt, some even left the planet, but it’s all okay now because we’re at a party. Everything will be all right!


As soon as the hour-ish is done, they say good-bye. Even though they just showed up, they leave just as quickly as they came. You don’t even have a chance to say stop, before you’re left behind all over again.

That’s just how they are and you understand. You’ll get through it, because you always do. But that doesn’t mean you’ll ever stop wondering when you’ll ever see them again. It could take days, weeks, or even months. Please not months I’d like to know what happened to Lars and if we’ll ever see a Lapis/Peridot fusion. But seriously, Lars’ parents should be freaking out right now and we don’t even see them. Where are they? And will we learn about Pink Diamond this season? Is she even shattered?


All you can do now is wait. But it will be okay, because they’ll come back eventually and bring your barn too.

Till then, you can be like me and get Leggy Blonde stuck in your head. (Just picture the Leggy Blonde being Steven Universe and it works)

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Black Clover ep 6

Sometimes acceptance and acknowledgement is all you need to feel like a valued member of society. It’s also something that should help keep ones volume level at a lower decibel level. Should, being the operative word here. Unfortunately, if you’re loud yourself then the newbie will try to be louder.

So always be mindful of newcomers, because they may go overboard in trying to impress you. At the end of the day, they just want to be like you, since you accepted them wholeheartedly, but it comes at a cost. It may be cute at first, but it soon turns deadly when you notice that blood is oozing out of your ears. When you try to reason with the newbie, you stumble and fall before you get a chance to reach them. That’s when you realize that you’ve acquired the《Vertigo》ability due to a ruptured eardrum.

However, once you’ve gotten use to this then your pain tolerance level will rise at the cost of your hearing. But hey, at least you have a cute new recruit who is eager to please you.

Food Porn

Evil or Live – Really???

Imagine your a world where your parents send their kids away to shady institutions. Institutions that will abuse and torture kids so they can be fine adults. Imagine a world where parents would do this. It’s hard to even fathom. Hmm, I wonder which group of parents are worst, the ones that would send their child to rehab centres like this or the ones who would send them on an island where they’re forced to play in a death game? The answer may be obvious, but is it? Think about it for a moment.

But first, let’s imagine something else. Imagine that you’re a kid in this kind of centre and you somehow have these amazing privileges that no one else can has. While everyone else is barely surviving you get: your own room in a good location, a computer, a TV, information about your fellow inmates, and a couch. You are basically living the sweet life in your home away from home.

So you get all this and when it comes to food, instead of getting some delicious, delectable, high class stuff you ask for this:

Apple juice, tomato juice, and chips that look like Pringles.

Garbage basically.No hate if you love this stuff, but would you ask for dollar store food items when you can get lobster or something? I’ve never had lobster before, but I’d ask for that instead of this. Actually, I’d be asking for chocolate. The expensive kind.

Ah I’m so disappointed. I was initially going to write a post about how our main character almost killed some of his classmates by using bricks and hitting their heads with it, but this food travesty blew that out of the water. I just don’t understand how could anyone want stuff like this. I just…I just don’t get it.

What is wrong with the people on this show? Their priorities are so messed up.