Outside of the September Showcase, you’ll probably notice that I haven’t been posting anything since June. It’s not for lack of trying or not having content, but more of a time issue that I haven’t really been able to overcome.

I have a few goals that I’d like to accomplish; unfortunately, in order to complete these tasks I’d need more time to focus on them which means less time to blog.

In the future, things might change and if they do then I’ll come back and post again. However, at this moment I don’t see myself being able to blog in the way that I’d like.

I was hesitant in making this post, but I felt like it was necessary for me to move forward in my future endeavors. I don’t know if they’ll work out, but I’m going to put in a lot of effort and try to see it through.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t continue.

Till we meet again!

Goodbye ~

September’s Creator Showcase – The Entries!

After three weeks of gathering entries, it’s finally time to showcase some awesome posts for Jon’s Creator Showcase. If you’re new to this project, Jon, of Jon Spencer Reviews, created this showcase as a means to highlight posts from across the blogosphere and achieve the following goals:

  • Give exposure to both the host & creators who submit content to the showcase.
  • Highlight a wide variety of content including written word, art, video, audio, etc…
  • Allow for all creators, regardless of skill or current recognition, to participate and share their creations.
  • Encourage involvement from creators across all platforms.
  • Offer a fun and interactive way for people to discover new and interesting creations.
  • Inspire growth and exploration for both the host and creators.

As the host for September, I asked bloggers to submit their best post from the month of August and then created a list which is located after the jump. If you didn’t have a chance to submit anything this month, don’t worry! Ayano, from KawaiiPaperPandas, will be the October host so be sure to send her your best posts from the month of September!

PSA: Before we start with the showcase, I’d like to mention that Jon is looking for a blogger to host the December Showcase. If you’re interested then visit Jon’s site for all of the details and then visit the sign up page and add your name.

With that out of the way, let’s start to the Showcase!

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